Barberini - Quirinale

This iteneray starts from Barberini Square, where in the middle stands the Fountain of the Triton masterpiece of G.L. Bernini

Take Via Veneto and immediately come across the Fountain of the Bees (the Barberini family symbol) by G.L. Bernini. After few meters you see, on the right the stairs leading to the Church of S. Mary the Immaculate with the Capuchin Crypt with decorations made with the bones of the Capuchin friars. Free entrance (with offer). The visit might be not suitable for children.

Go back on the square, take Via delle Quattro Fontane and, on your left, you find Palazzo Barberini with the "National Gallery of Ancient Art" (Tue/Sun8: 30 - 19:30 - € 5). Before entering the building is interesting, on the right, the spiral staircase designed by F. Borromini.

Go back again to the square and take Via Bissolati until you reach Largo di Santa Susanna where is the Fountain of Moses and, on the left (on Via XX Settembre) the Church of St. Maria della Vittoria (Working days. 8:30 / 12:00 to 15:30 / 18:00; Holidays 15:30 / 18:00), where you can admire "Ecstasy of St. Teresa" wonderful sculpture of G.L. Bernini.

Take Via XX Settembre towards the Quirinal and you reach the crossroads of the Quattro Fontane (from which we can observe the 3 obelisks). Continuing, after a few meters on the left you find the Church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, a masterpiece by F. Borromini.

Continue towards the Quirinal until, on the left, you find the Church of S. Andrea al Quirinale, a masterpiece of baroque G.L. Bernini. Ask to have access to the sacristy.

Continue until Piazza del Quirinale, where there are also the "Scuderie del Quirinale", a venue for important exhibitions.

Go down Via di Monte Cavallo (right of the Scuderie del Quirinale), continue until you reach Via di S. Vincenzo turns to the right and you arrive at the Trevi Fountain.